Das Europabüro der baden-württembergischen Kommunen

Europe's future is made on the ground: in the municipalities, cities and districts. Thereby, the municipalities of Baden-Württemberg support the European institutions in a creative and cooperative manner. For more than two decades, the European Office of Baden-Württemberg's municipalities has therefore championed the interests of 1,101 municipalities and cities as well as 35 districts from Baden-Württemberg in Brussels.

Europafahnen in Brüssel
© European Union, 2021, Architect: André Polak, Lucien De Vestel, Jean Gilson, Jean Polak.

The central tasks of the European Office include representing interests towards the EU institutions, providing informationon developments relevant to municipalities in Brussels and consulting the members of the sponsoring associations on EU and funding issues. Furthermore, we are part of an office community with the European offices of the Bavarian and Saxon municipalities.

It is estimated that up to 80 percent of EU requirements have a direct or indirect impact on the municipal level. It is therefore important to prepare for this in good time and to ensure a community-friendly framework at an early stage. Because it is true: Europe's future is made locally.

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