Europe’s future is made locally. In this context Baden-Wuerttemberg’s municipalities support the European institutions by shaping and acting in partnership with them. Since 1999, the European Office of Baden-Württemberg’s municipalities has been representing the interests of 1,101 municipalities and cities as well as 35 counties from Baden-Wuerttemberg in Brussels.

A large part of the EU’s guidelines are of direct or indirect importance for the local level. That is why we show presence in Brussels and use our expertise to validate the local voice.

The central tasks of the European Office includes providing early information about developments at EU Level relevant to municipalities, cities and counties, representing the interests of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Local Authorities in Brussels and in particular at EU institutions and advising the Baden-Wuerttemberg municipalities, cities and counties on European issues.

But it is clear: The future of Europe is made in the municipalities, cities and counties.