European priorities, especially the Green Deal or digitization, need practical realization on the ground – at the level nearest to the citizen. It is important to use the experiences and competences of the practitioners of local politics and bring them to Europe. This is done in various EU networks in which exchanges take place and joint projects are brought forward. Some of these networks deal with a wide variety of topics, while others specialize in specific areas.

As the European Office, we actively participate in the Council of European Municipalities and Regions- (CCRE). The Council of European Municipalities and Regions is one of the largest representations of local and regional interests at the European level. It was founded in 1951 and now represents 60 national member associations in more than 40 European countries. As a joint office, we work along side the German central municipal associations in the working groups of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions.

Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel, District Administrator of the District Karlsruhe, is Co-President of the Council of the CCRE and member of the Executive Bureau.

In addition to the CCRE, which represents municipalities and regions, EUROCITIES creates the platform for the major cities in Europe. Active members from Baden-Württemberg are the city of Karlsruhe, the city of Mannheim and the city of Stuttgart.

For medium-sized cities, there is the EUROTOWNS network. The city of Böblingen, the city of Ulm and the city of Sindelfingen are active here from Baden-Württemberg.

In addition, there are topic-specific networks in which several municipalities from Baden-Württemberg are actively involved.

It is not only the municipalities that are affected by European legislation. That is why there are various representations in Brussels. The contact details of other German representatives of political, economic and social interests at the European Union can be found here.

Ansprechpartner für EU-Netzwerke im Europabüro der baden-württembergischen Kommunen:

Patrik Wegener

Patrick Wegener

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